Welcome to a historical play about the Sami Klemet, performed outdoors in the beautiful Leirskardalen valley which is located at the base of the highest mountain chain in Northern Norway. Enthusiastic locals and talented young people, along with professional actors and musicians, will take you on a journey through Klemet’s exciting life. Their colorful interpretation will include music, dialogue, dance and joik (traditional Sami chants).

“Klemetspelet” is an extraordinary outdoor performance about the Sami Klemet Person. At the turn of last century, he lived with his family under a large rock formation in the Leirskardalen valley. Klemet was a man who both fascinated and scared people, which was in all likelihood due to the occasional cultural misunderstandings that could arise between the Sami and Norwegians. It is said that Klemet knew how to “ganne” (cast spells on others). But he also knew how to heal with herbs and magic. “Klemetspelet” imagines the mythic life of Klemet and Anna, his wife, and gives a thrilling picture of a period and society that is both exotic, yet excitingly familiar in today’s society.

The venue surrounding the play will give you the opportunity to experience the lively hustle and bustle of the old marketplace. The marketplace is where you can buy traditional food, learn about old handicraft traditions, and see local art at the “barn-gallery”. In addition to all of the quality music, entertainment and auctions, there are numerous other activities planned for all ages.

The farm “Jamtjorden”, in the Leirskardalen valley, is the locale for the play and the marketplace. This beautiful natural setting is where Klemet and Anna lived their last years. Leirskardalen is a valley in the municipality of Hemnes, in the center of the Helgeland region, near the Arctic Circle. The valley is a perfect starting point for long or short trips in the mountains of Okstindan and on the Okstindan glacier, Norway’s 8th largest.

In these magnificent surroundings which Klemet loved so much, you will now find marked trails and easily reachable cabins that are open to anyone wishing to spend the night. A remarkable new cabin, “Rabothytta”, named after the French geologist Charles Rabot, opened in 2014. It is located at 1.200 meters altitude on the very edge of the glacier, and offers a stunning view that extends to the coast of Helgeland. Klemet served as Rabot’s mountain guide, and together they were the first to reach the summit of many of the peeks of Northern Norway’s highest mountains in Okstindan. Maybe you will be tempted to walk in their footsteps?

In 2024, “Klemetspelet” will be presented on 15, 16 and 17 August. Tickets will be announced soon!


For more information: post@klemetspelet.no

Other useful links: visitokstindan.com | www.visithelgeland.com

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